Buying a Painting

If you wish to buy a painting from my website, please phone me, or contact me by email.

Portrait Commissions

If you would like to commission a portrait, please phone me, or contact me by email. I prefer to meet and discuss the portrait, and also do sketches and take suitable photographs of the person who is having their portrait painted.

However, I realise that this is not always possible, so I can also work from very good quality photographs. It is important that the photographs supplied are a good likeness of the person, in order to produce a final portrait that can be treasured and admired.

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e-mail: sanderstrio@xtra.co.nz
phone: +64 9 480 8072
mobile: +64 274 987 788
Instagram: mariesandersnz
95A Hinemoa Street,
Birkenhead Point,
Auckland, New Zealand